Set your Twitter background to your Flickr photos

There is a great utility that will take your latest Flickr photo and set it to your Twitter background. Very cool! Check it out!


Flickr Foldr Monitr

Flickr Foldr Monitr is a must have application for any flickr junkie as it takes the work out of uploading your photos to flickr. It runs in the background and monitors a folder, automatically uploading new photos that are added. It has some great features that make tagging and creating sets a cinch. Check it out! (via)


Flickrbooth = Flickr + Photo Booth

Flickrbooth is a must have app for any Mac using Flickr fan. It allows you to easily upload your Photo Booth photos to your Flickr account with the click of a button. And if your beloved Mac gets stolen, Flickrbooth could be an invaluable tool in getting it back. Just ask this guy. Check it out!


Edit Your Photos Online With Picnik

Picnik is an amazing example of what can be done with the extensive flickr API in the hands of some pretty sharp people. If you want an easy way to take care of some of the standard photograph editing then Picnik is your tool. Once you authorize Picnik to access your flickr photos, you can quickly and easily crop, resize, adjust brightness, rotate, sharpen, adjust colors and reduce red eye. While Picnik plays especially well with flickr, you can use it to adjust photos on your desktop or website or from a photo search. Picnik is a free to use, one stop shop for photograph editing.


Flickr Backup

Flickr Backup is the perfect tool for downloading all of your photos off Flickr and creating a backup. Flickr Backup is written in Java and available for both PC and Mac users. Flickr Backup makes short work of downloading your entire Flickr feed. Manually downloading all of your photos would take ages and is just not practicle if you have a lot of photos.


Group Trackr

Group Trackr is a pretty handy site for tracking the status of flickr groups. Once you add a group, it will log user and photo data for that group making it easier to see how your groups are growing. Once you start tracking a group, Group Trackr will provide you with a rss feed so you can monitor new posts and users in the group. Groups are an excellent way to share pictures with people and Group Trackr can help you keep tabs on all of your favorite groups. Check it out!


TagMaps is a very well done flickr mashup that uses Yahoo! Maps to give you a really slick tag browser in map layout. TagMaps is built using flash and it provides a really user friendly interface that is quite fun to play around with. The app was created by Yahoo Research Berkley and is a really good example of a well done mashup.