View Pictures In Time With Flickrtime

Flickrtime is a cool little flash app that lets you view flickr photos in a completely unique way. The way it works if you give Flickrtime a couple of tags and it displays the time using flickr pictures containing your tags. This way you will always have a good gauge on how much time you are wasting on flickr!

Here are some other great flickr flash sites you might like:
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Flickr Camera Finder

If you are in the market for a new camera or just love to drool over the latest/greatest digital camera's out there then you should check out the Flickr Camera Finder. The camera finder lets you view statistics gathered about various cameras based on flickr photos that were taking with them. It contains descriptions and reviews of tons of different makes and models of digital cameras. I love the fact that you can see pictures that were taken with various cameras. Whether its an SLR or a camera phone, chances are Flickr Camera Finder has something to say about it.

flickr camera finder screenshot