Flickr Wallpaper Rotator

For those of you that are interested in using your flickr photos for wallpaper, check out Flickr Wallpaper Rotator to cycle through your pictures. It allows you to filter by tags or username and has a bunch of other great configuration options as well. Check it out!


Create A Flickr Montage

Montager is a cool (albeit processor intensive) web application that you can use to make a photo montage of any flickr photo. They've done a great job with the first version and I can't wait to see what they do to it in the future. I'm hoping to see them add the ability to create really large montages. Check it out!


Your Photos In Calendar View

Did you know that you can see any photo stream on flickr in calendar format by simply appending a "/date-taken-calendar/" to the end of the URL? Its true, check it out!

(via LifeHacker)


Give the Gift of Flickr This Christmas

flickr is being very generous this year for the holidays. In addition to eliminating the monthly bandwidth limit for flickr Pro Accounts, but they've also raised the monthly bandwidth on free accounts as well. There has never been a better time to give someone a flickr Pro account as a present than right now. An flickr makes it really easy to do so for just $24.95 and a cool little DIY gift card! Check it out!


An Easter Egg For Christmas From Flickr

The people over at Yahoo! that run flickr must have a great sense of humor. Did you know that you can add a santa beard an hat to any picture as a note? Here is an example, give it a try!

(via A Whole Lotta Nothing)


Create Comics With Bubblr

Bubblr is a great little flash application that lets you add comic strip captions to any flickr photo. It allows you to search using tags and usernames. Photo comics are great to send to friends when you get back from a trip and get all your photos downloaded onto your computer and uploaded to your flickr account. Check it out!


Flickr iPhoto Plugin

iphotoFor all of you Mac users, here is an excellent iPhoto plugin that enables you to upload your photos to flickr directly from iPhoto. It lets you tag your photos, add them to groups, give them titles and descriptions and it will even resize your photos for you so you don't use up all of your flickr bandwidth. There is even a trial version that restricts you to uploading five photos per session. Check it out!