Group Trackr

Group Trackr is a pretty handy site for tracking the status of flickr groups. Once you add a group, it will log user and photo data for that group making it easier to see how your groups are growing. Once you start tracking a group, Group Trackr will provide you with a rss feed so you can monitor new posts and users in the group. Groups are an excellent way to share pictures with people and Group Trackr can help you keep tabs on all of your favorite groups. Check it out!


TagMaps is a very well done flickr mashup that uses Yahoo! Maps to give you a really slick tag browser in map layout. TagMaps is built using flash and it provides a really user friendly interface that is quite fun to play around with. The app was created by Yahoo Research Berkley and is a really good example of a well done mashup.


Flock Makes Using Flickr Effortless

Lately I've been using Flock to manage my Flickr photos and its been great! In addition to making all the standard stuff (browsing, uploading pictures, editing pictures) a walk in the park Flock makes it easy to use your pictures for all sorts of things.

With a little slide style browser that sits at the top of the window you can easily drag your Flickr pictures into blog posts, forums, myspace comments, and just about any other website that allows you to post content. If you use Flickr alot, check out Flock.


Send To Flickr Tool For Windows XP

I recently upgraded my flickr account from free to pro. My purpose for doing this is so that I can have all of my digital photos backed up to flickr. The only problem is that I've got a billion photos to upload.

It turns out that bulk uploading to flickr is actually not a problem thanks to the Send To Flickr Tool. All I have to do is install the tool, which is just a matter of installing a 1k registry script. The Send To Flickr Tool makes it so that when I'm in any folder with pictures all I have to do to upload the images is click a convenient "Publish selected items to web" link in my explorer window. This makes publishing tons of pictures a walk in the park!

Of course this is for Windows users only. If you are using a Mac then check out the Flickr iPhoto plugin.